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At its most basic level, Social Media has shifted the way in which online users discover, read and share news, information and content.

Besides reinventing online behavior, Social Media has also evolved into a big player in terms of online marketing. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others are all proving to be very strategic destinations for promoting marketing messages.

Our Approach

Many companies have engaged the different Social Media platforms with the goal of promoting their business. Zoodle understands how to help companies take advantage of social media channels to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and create positive interactions with customers.

Zoodle prides itself on buidling effective social media strategies that will:

  • Generate a positive brand and company transparency
  • Increase reach by engaging multiple social media sites and platforms
  • Optimized Blog development and design
  • Improve communication by assessing feedback

Our Social Media Services

Social Brand Congruency

Having your website, twitter, Facebook and email marketing campaigns maintain the same look and feel is important to the successful of any social media strategy. Zoodle will design your social media pages and email marketing templates to reflect your brand across all mediums.

Social Media Strategy & Consulting

Need help engaging customers via social media? With our strategy and consulting service, Zoodle will help deliver a results-driven strategy that will spark new excitement into your social campaigns.

Social Media Integration

Zoodle can integrate a wide range of social media technologies into your website, from Facebook "Like" buttons and Twitter integration, to more advanced, deep-level integration with both established and emerging social media platforms.